ORganic waste management by a small-scale Innovative automated system of anaerobic digestION


UNIMAN - The University of Manchester


The University of Manchester was created by merging The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST in 2005. The School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science integrates Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation and Analytical Science, Process Integration and The Centre for Manufacture exploiting opportunities that are based upon the changing nature of science and technology across the physical, chemical and biological sciences.  Professor Persaud was coordinator of STREP Project WOUNDMONITOR funded under FP6, and partner in FP7 projects NEUROCHEM, and FLEXSMELL, SNIFFER and ORION. The research group has over 25 years experience in the biochemistry and physiology of olfaction, chemical sensors – especially conducting polymers, electronics hardware and software, together with pattern recognition. The group will be supporting the consortium in terms of sensors and actuators required for monitoring and control, focussing on gas sensing and biosensing.

Professor Krishna Persaud

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science
Sackville Street
Manchester M13 9PL

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(+44) 161 3064892

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This project is supported by the European Commission
under the Research for SME associations Theme
of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and
Technological Development

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