ORganic waste management by a small-scale Innovative automated system of anaerobic digestION


ADS Development

ADS Development is a consulting firm, established in 2004 in Barcelona. The main ADS activities are in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental engineering, focused on the architecture and town planning projects, and facility management improvements. ADS principal clients are private and public real estate companies, Hospitality sector -accommodation and restaurants-, and public administration.

The interest of ADS in ORION project is to reinforce the link with the end-users in order to ensure a good and competitive solution for organic waste treatment, specifically for restaurants, catering suppliers, food markets, school and hospital cantinas, etc.

Aleksandar Ivancic

Office: Roger de Llúria nº 29 3er-2a, E-08009 Barcelona
Box mail: Apartado de correos 5209, E-08080 Barcelona


This project is supported by the European Commission
under the Research for SME associations Theme
of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and
Technological Development

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