ORganic waste management by a small-scale Innovative automated system of anaerobic digestION


Dec 6, 2014

Attendance at Pollutec, Lyon

A number of members of the ORION Project Team attended the Pollutec Expo in Lyon, France in early December (2nd to 5th of December 2014). A leading general show about the environment and energy industries, Pollutec brings together professionals from around the world to discuss about innovative solutions that allows the reduction of the impact of human activities on the environment, whether it be in industry, local authorities or in the service sector.  In a 100,000 sq.m exhibition space there were around 65,000 trade visitors, 2,300 exhibitors and 400 conferences.  With 200 new innovations premiered across three themes this was a vital stage to disseminate the ORION technology and project.  With representatives of HES-SO/HEIG-VD and Digesto, anaerobic digestion was one of the many topics disseminated at Pollutec, and great contacts were made for future development.

This project is supported by the European Commission
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